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festivals and fun

festivalstiffin millsComment

i agreed last minute to join the dnwoody art festival and it was the best decision ever. yes, i had 4 frantic days of making items and very little sleep, but it payed of, both in sales and experience.

some festivals i have participated in have fallen short, very short. while i never doubt my product, i do doubt if said festivals are attracting the right clientele for me. i have said for a while now that i need to find my audience, and let me tell you, my audience was in dunwoody, ga! i received many oohs and ahhs and purchases, which did so much to boost my spirit and make the weekend a very fun 2 days.

i have to also give a shout out to the women who run splash festivals. they are the force behind this show, and the one i am doing in norcross, ga in october. the show ran so smoothly with their numerous volunteers, intense advertising and designated vendor areas to relax and rehydrate. all of it was much appreciated!!!

now, it is back to the studio to work on some new ideas :)