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recently, jenni horne showed jessica and i an out of this world junk/salvage store. it was a little under in hour away, so by the time we pulled up the long gravel path, the anticipation was killing me. folks, i have never seen a store with so much junk that was so very organized. seriously, you want lamps, go into the lap room. bed frames, the bed frame room. mirrors that used to be attached to dressers - there is even a room for those. and this is just the main building. outside on the property are a bunch of old train cars that are filled with goodies as well. i bought some old circuit city 5x5 foot foam core signage for one munchkins room. he thinks i am CRAZY, but the boards are covered with very graphic text and a photo of a hot young guy with crazy gelled hair listening to music on his headphones - they are awesome.

in the "restaurant" salvage train car, we spotted this long metal trough (for lack of a better word). not sure how i was the one who ended up taking it home, but i did! it is a little over 5.5 ft long and fits my milk glass vases perfectly. each vase holds specific art items. lifting all this clutter of my desk has freed up so much room, i am loving it.

other items i bought: a metal ball rack for a garage which i think will hold towels in the munchkins bathroom, retro cardboard popcorn tubs, 3 lamps, a large glass serving plate which i am going to turn into a cake stand, and a scale to weight my etsy shipments. all in all, a very successful trip!

on another note, i will be doing a bit of website rerouting this weekend, so i apologize for any blog issues over the next few days. have a great holiday weekend and i will see you next week!