Linwood Avenue

sewing and painting

festivalstiffin mills1 Comment
this is how beautiful my red roses were before the south was hit with a massive rain storm. now, not so much :)

i am however very happy that the rain hit last weekend and not this coming weekend. i recently got the opportunity to fill in last minute at an amazing festival-the dunwoody art fest. it is shaping up to be a terrific event for mother's day weekend.

since i didn't know i was participating until late monday night, my inventory had seen better days. needless to say that i have been a very busy bee playing catch-up. my office floor looks like i set 3 toddlers loose for a few hours. i have string and fabric scraps everywhere, i am going through spools of thread like they are candy and i am covered in paint. somewhere in the madness, i have to admit that i secretly like things this way!

if you are in the atlanta area, stop by for a visit. all i know is that i am in zone 3, not sure if that is behind the scenes lingo or not, and i won't find out my booth number until i arrive at the crack of dawn saturday morning. i will post it on twitter once i am settled so all you peeps can swing by to see what new items i have.

have a happy mother's day weekend!