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pillows and piping

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slowly, but surely, i am making progress on the family room redo. gone are the large orange floor pillows and in their place are happy yellow and green floor pillows. they brighten the room so much that i am glad i took the leap. i spend so much time decorating a room the first time that it is often hard to admit that some things can be improved upon, and even harder to actually do it! the green fabric was from a discount fabric shopping trip i took a few weeks back and the yellow is left over from my guest bedroom pillows.

when i make pillows, 2 things are a must - piping and rounded corners. piping gives pillows that extra something. it takes them from being home made to looking store bought. i round my corners for 2 reasons. 1. it is easier for the piping to lay around a corner and 2. if your pillows are squared off, there is always a lot of extra fabric in the corners that never gets filled.

call me a pillow snob, but that's the way my mind works :)