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books and the unwritten rule

drawing, thriftingtiffin mills3 Comments

on one of my yard sale excursions, i found this sweet children's poem book, titled "in the middle of the trees". what is it about a children's book that brings a sweeping wave of nostalgia? i know some people can toss them aside immediately, but i always need a bit of time to sit and savor.

the entire book is illustrated with black and hunter green ink. i really, really, really want to cut this book up and draw flowers and vines weaving around the words. i am thinking with colored pencils in very soft pastels. something that compliments the current illustration, not competes with it. but...

my very law abiding self feels like i am creating a crime. i know, i know, not a true send me to jail crime, but i think i will feel really guilty if i do, do it. i have drilled into the munckins heads that books need to be respected and should not to be thrown around or stepped on. so how can i turn around and cut up and draw on a book. i need to keep telling myself that it will be a sweet collaboration and to get over it, right???