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drawings and a new beginning

tiffin mills1 Comment

i am so excited that i have a new art form driving me these days, i seriously can't stop creating! this is a sneak peak of my botanical drawings that will be available in my etsy shop shortly. i still have some work to do on them - possibly sketch faux frames for each piece, possibly add in some lady bugs or beetles, possibly not :)

this is seriously a huge step for me. for years, i have veered on the crafting side of art. whether it be making cards, sewing aprons or building lamps. i have always used materials that someone else dreamed up and produced. now, these illustrations are mine, all mine, entirely created by me with a little help from nature. and guess what - it feels good to finally be putting a little bit of me out there.

another positive is that i am only 7 illustrations away from my dream of a calendar. now, that makes me smile!