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lighting and lamps

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i have a confession to make... i hate photographing my work for etsy. i know, i know, hate is a strong word, but it is such a road block on my way to etsy success that it drives me crazy!

i am a freelance graphic designer by day, i was an art director at an ad agency for years, i can take beautiful photos of my kids, but when it comes to product photography, i am at a loss. lighting is my problem, i can stage a shot and crop it perfectly, but the lighting is always off. it is possible to photoshop good lighting in, but i am a stickler wanting my photos to represent my product colors exactly. when you fix one thing in photoshop, often another color will skew. it just isn't my thing to use filters and such with my product shots. is it too much to ask that a photo be perfectly lit when i download it from the camera???

hopefully all my problems are about to change. this light tent arrived in the mail yesterday and i took it for a spin with the photo above. i need to iron out some of the wrinkles, literally, and then hopefully get some pointers from my photo extraordinaire friend. wink, wink! i need to get a system in place so i can shoot my products assembly line style and it won't seem like such a daunting task.

on a lighter note, what do you all think about this sweet lamp base that i painted buttercup yellow? i can't get enough of the asian inspired fish which hold up the base.