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styling and lighting

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isn't it funny how procrastination just snowballs? playing around with different styling for my etsy products has been on my to do list forever. the next thing i know, it is summer break and i feel like i need to push it off even more now that the munchkins are home and want to go swimming every day! but today, i forced myself, really forced myself to attempt new photographs and i am pretty happy with the outcome. yes, the image needs to be crisper, and the color needs to be a bit whiter, but all in all, i think it is descriptive and a nice composition. the part i love is how the lit light bulb blows out the background and you don't see any lines of the bulb at all.

i will most likely use my new light tent to take the detail shots, but i wanted to see how they would look on the blue table as well.

check list items:
  1. learn to shoot in manual mode so i can enable the white balance corrector on my camera.
  2. add extra lighting behind photograph.
  3. shoot tons and tons of my items so i can post them in the shop and send them on to happy homes!
what do you think? is this an appealing way to stylize my lamps. should i add some reading glasses or something to the photo?