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totes and birthdays

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my mom's birthday was a few weeks ago, so i made sure to have a birthday surprise when she flew into town yesterday. her dinosaur of a sewing machine decided not to wind bobbin thread anymore, so i bought her one of those handy separate winders, plus some other sewing tools i find indispensable. one such tool is a magnetic pin holder - really wonder how i lived without one of these for so long.

to contain these items, i decided to make her alicia paulson's "jane market bag". the bag's tutorial is so very easy to follow and it came together in one short evening. i used a pillow case for the floral sides and the lime green pocket front. you can see that i left the pillowcase hem on the pocket front for extra interest. the only addition i made to the pattern was to add an extra pinch stitch along the bottom of both front panels. this squared off the bag nicely.

i think now, i might make a few of these as library bags for the munchkins. maybe out of the shirting fabric i am drowning in over here thanks to a generous friend.