Linwood Avenue

dreaming and crossing fingers

businesstiffin mills2 Comments

yep, that's me, pretty much everyday this past week. going about my daily tasks dreaming about winning a trip to the creative connection event through lark crafts! :)

with the munchkins on summer break, sometimes i really feel like i am living everyday in the 50's. seriously - the same day over, and over, and over again like the movie groundhog day. often, i feel guilty slipping away to spend time in the studio working on my biz, but i must do it because it's what keeps me going. any creative person will tell you that the desire to create is less a hobby and more a necessity. and i speak from experience - i am very cranky when i am not spending my time creatively, just ask my husband!

truth be told, i feel like i need a bit of an intervention with linwood avenue. i need guidance towards my next business goal, i need constructive input with what i am doing, i need to break out of my one woman studio and see others out in the world. my little 4 person creative biz group is so wonderfully helpful and inspiring, but often it leaves me wanting more. i want more creative friendships, more creative mentors, more creativity in my life if that is even possible. i think this is why i catch myself dreaming about winning this trip so often. it's because i can taste what is in store for me and what will be reborn within my spirit and entrepreneurial mind if i attend this event!

the winners are notified on august 6th, so until then, keep your fingers crossed for me!