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experiences and opening up

tiffin millsComment

shouting from the rooftops that i am back on track now. my botanicals are printed and in the mail to me, mats are ordered and ideas are spinning around. once again, i feel like there are so many doors opening to me through this word of blogs, twitter and facebook.

last night, i discovered a contest at lark crafts that made my want to scream. they are giving away 3 trips to the creative connection event this september in minneapolis. i have been dreaming about this event for months now. can you imagine the creative energy that will be spinning for those 3 days! the ability to meet and interact with these amazing individuals would give me the drive to keep pushing my little company forward - i have no doubt.

i shouldn't admit this, but every time i enter a contest, i daydream about it like i have already won. seriously, i think about what clothes i will pack, who i can get to watch the munchkins, all the new friends i will meet. really, it's not all that healthy to do since i have never won anything, but it doesn't stop me. you can't get anywhere in life without dreams, right???