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i am getting in full creative work horse mode with the advent of school starting back on august 9th! the fact that i will have 2 solid months of days to myself before a huge festival is perfection.

i will be showcasing a lot of new items this time around and that puts a smile on my face. yesterday, in the mail, i received bookmarks which were printed through my fabulous online printer. the company is 4over and the work they produce is outstanding and super affordable. the bad news is that they are only available for trade businesses, ie: graphic designers with a tax id number or ad agencies, that kind of thing. the good news is, if you are one of those, you will never look for another printer again. i get comments constantly on the thickness of my business cards and the great color coverage on my note cards. give them a try, you won't be disappointed. and no, there was no kick back given for my kind words ;)

back to the bookmarks. i think i am going to add tassels to them out of bakers twine, the red and white striped kind (if i can find it) and sell them for $1-2 each. having something with a really small price point in your booth is always a plus. kids love buying items at festivals, and this won't clean out their parent's wallet.