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rock and a hard place

tiffin mills2 Comments

i have something to confess... i am stuck. let me rephrase that, i am very STUCK! there are so many half finished projects floating around my studio, computer and mind and i can't seem to get one completed. not one. there is a quilt to finish, chandeliers that need one more coat of paint before i can sell them, stockings to be sewn. the really frustrating part in all this is that most of the projects are 90% completed. but that little 10% is weighing down my mind so heavily that i can't start on a single one.

i think my unease comes from my new creative direction. i am dying to get my botanical prints out into the public, but i guess i want to know that they will be well received. now, i know this is a bit backward - for people to like them, they must see them first. feedback  can drive my creative spirit, it gives me confidence to continue. this is why i love doing festivals. i love when someone gets me, when they come into my tent and tell me that i have great style or that they love a certain piece. i'm not saying that if people don't like it, that i will stop. that isn't the case at all, of course i will proceed with what i love to do. it will just be a bit easier on my mind and productivity if i know people are digging it.

anyone else feel this way???