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lighting and springtime

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over 2 years ago, i acquired this retro kitsch chandelier at a barn sale. i tried a few times to conquer the rewiring of this piece, but it just wasn't going to happen. when a friend suggested i turn it into a candelabra, inspiration struck.

the original piece had a bright yellow cone going from the center up which housed a standard 60 watt bulb. this was the first thing to go, and then i took off all 5 bulb sockets. all that was left was a small piece of pipe on each stem which i glued inverted nails to. these serve as anchors for the candles. i only had tapers lying around the house, but i think small votives will fit nicely into each bloom as well.

i am already planning my 2011 easter table around this centerpiece, and in the meantime, it might be seen hanging from a tree in my backyard during an outside dinner. unless of course i decide to sell it??? hmmm.