Linwood Avenue

pink and black

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for my 10x10 festival booth, i decided i want to have a price sign reminiscent of old apothecary chalk board walls. you know the kind where they would list the prices of every single option behind the soda fountain counter. i was all prepared to paint a large sheet of wood with chalkboard paint, and then trim it out with moulding strips. that was until i found these barrister cabinet door frames at a junk shop while on vacation. (my husband loved packing these smelly thing amongst all our other luggage!)

i coated the frames with an old can of pink paint i had lying around. then bought some thin plywood which was cut to fit into the channels on the back of the frames. since i have to write a bunch of item pricing on the signs, i decided to use chalkboard paint pens instead of actual chalk. i love that i have a bunch of color options going this route.

to gussy up the frames even more, i added a crystal knob to each one. the only thing i have left to do is drill 2 holes into the top of each frame for an "s" hook to slide into so that i can hang them from my festival tent.