Linwood Avenue

chaos and order

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this is the chaos that happens when i take product shots for etsy. i have tried shooting in the back yard, in the garage with the doors open, and now i have moved into my front entry hallway. it seems that there is no place where i can get consistent light for an hour at a time, so i have resigned myself to the fact that color correcting will have to be. and if you have been reading this blog for a while now, you know how much that frustrates me.

i would love to pass this job on to someone, but the truth is that the quantity of shots i need are either too expensive to have someone else do it, or i have nothing to barter with. so for the time being, me as photographer = me being my own worst enemy.

luckily i do have some photoshop skills to clean up the horrible images i take which gives me an end result of this...

i am head over heals with this lamp. i think it would look great sitting on top of a big chunky vintage desk. head over to my shop to see more lamps. it feels really good to get my shop stocked. woo hoo!