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flowers and festivals

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this past weekend was the start to fall festivals and it was so much fun. i actually didn't set up as a vendor, but helped my friend joyajewelry out at her booth. the crazy thing was i randomly ran into 2 followers of my blog who actually knew who i was. seriously, it was so exciting!!!

as a blogger, you are constantly putting things out into the universe with little or no feedback. many of my days are spent in my studio making things, so i often live inside of my computer. i was thrilled to find people who are actually reading and more than that, like what i have to say. on that note, i wanted to say thank you very much if you are a follower. and if you're in the atlanta area, come out to see me at the norcross art festival the first weekend of october. who knows, maybe there are more people out there reading than i think :)