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scarlet and sitting

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last night i got sucked into Gone With The Wind. 4 solid hours of couch sitting, and movie watching, but not popcorn eating because my husband and i are competing in a weight loss challenge with some friends. but that's a whole other post :)

on a recent thrift store trip, i found some great sweaters to felt - butter yellows, purples, bright reds and a teal. since my poinsettia ornaments were such a big hit last holiday season, i am moving forward this year with more felted flower ornaments. if you haven't guessed it, flowers are kind of my thing!

so, i spent my 4 hours of downtime cutting and cutting. now the magic can happen - i can't wait to embroider and add button embellishments. if you would like to make some of your own, download my poinsettia felt flower tutorial listed to your left.