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booth setup and traffic

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as promised, this post is all about steps i take to make my booth stand out in a crowd. it was super windy while i was taking the photos, so please excuse the turned up tablecloths, dangling apron ties, and flipped over banner letters :)

with every festival, i try really hard to make my booth seem cohesive. i offer many different wares, so sometimes it is hard to make everything flow. but if i have learned anything, it is the importance of clustering like objects.

on the left side of the booth, jenni let me borrow a withered folding chair which matches my aesthetic perfectly. i placed a pillow cover on the chair and have it sitting next to a sweet pink table which showcases a lamp. in one small vignette, i hope the viewer gets a sense of what they will find inside.

working your way around from the left is a huge rack which held my botanical prints on the top 2 shelves and my pillow covers on the bottom shelf. this piece is a pain in the butt to lug around, but it gives me a ton of merchandising space.

i typically bring 3-4 painted chandeliers to each festival and hang them with chain and S hooks from the tent bars. going up is a great way to utilize space in your small 10x10 ft traveling store.

along the back of the tent, i hung my new price boards and they were a big hit. i was worried that customers would be lost as to where to find prices, but they ended up being large and in charge and i had very few confused people.

bookmarks were displayed on a spinning rack right by check out for last minute impulse buys - which there were a lot of!

instead of a plain white table cloth, i use a fabric topper with fancy crocheted trim. in a previous life, these were curtain panels which i rescued from the local good will. in an ideal world, the under sheet would be ironed flat, but when you pack your stuff to the bursting point in your car, that sometimes is not a possibility!

lastly, my most favorite part of the booth. in previous shows, i have spread lamps out on the whole table, but they never got much love. this past weekend, i took a bookcase headboard which i painted blue and attached it to a piece of yellow MDF to showcase the lamps and shades. wind is always a festival concern, so i attached the two pieces with l-brackets and many screws. i love the little vignette this display created in my booth. as a result of the styling, i sold more lamps that i have ever before. the addition of my logo is a large part of the styling as well. it is important to never miss an opportunity for company branding.

i joked with a customer that sometimes i am more concerned about my merchandisING than my actual merchandise. but, it never fails that when your booth looks put together, your sales will come together as well!