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country living and goodies

festivalstiffin mills1 Comment

last friday, the girls and i packed up and headed to the first ever atlanta country living fair. we were ecstatic that they made their way south this year and were probably the first to buy our online tickets. while the show was way too expensive for me to set up a booth ($700, yikes!) it does not mean that i would stay away from walking the isles.

the earth angels booth was a collective of artists and by far my favorite. all the artists must be coached on what to wear and how to merchandise their individual space because they all flowed together perfectly. i walked away with the sweetest vintage photo embellished with crepe paper, glitter, mini crowns and pom poms, which went directly into a shadow box for display.

after that booth, we started to walk up the path of main vendors and i swear my heart skipped a beat when i saw this amazing love seat created by shawna robinson of happy chair. i think i could build an entire house around this love seat, i am not kidding!

some other eye catching booths were oilcloth addict, jbs merchantile, twist style, and fondue vintage to name a few.

after a solid shopping day, we headed home with bags full of goodies. i bought custom artwork, a few christmas decorations including a beautiful glitter house and some crazy oilcloth. the count down is now on for next years show!