Linwood Avenue

rack and road

festivalstiffin mills2 Comments

i'm headed 50 minutes north to the top end of atlanta for the norcross art fest today. and if you are on the road, i am the one with this huge rack strapped to the top of her car. it does fold down flat, and i have done it once before, but it still scares the crap out of me to drive on the highway with something on my roof. fingers crossed readers, fingers crossed!

i tell my husband that his next car definitely needs to be a truck. he thinks i am crazy and doesn't quite understand why i need so many props for my booth. but, the truth is that your displays can make or break your sales. i was SHOCKED at how bare some booths were at the festival i went to a few weeks back. really, some people didn't even have a table cloth covering their table. and guess what, no matter how great their product was, there booths were completely void of people. while other booths which were filled with props were like grand central station. i am promising myself that i will take great photos of my displays this time so i can do a detailed post.

the show is 10-6 on saturday and 11-5 on sunday. they assign booth spaces when you arrive, so i don't know yet where i will be, but if you follow me on twitter, you will be the first to know!

wish me luck - i hope to come home with a very empty car :)