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decisions and realizations

businesstiffin mills1 Comment

through the years, i have pretty much attempted every art/craft/style/medium. flip through the pages of martha stewart's crafting encyclopedia and i can probably weigh in on most entries with personal experience. i love trying new things and mastering new disciplines. but lately, i have been making a conscious effort to stop and say "just because i can, doesn't mean i have to". this really pertains to my business both at festivals and on etsy. i get so wrapped up in making things that are cute and desirable that i lose track of my overall brand. and when i say brand, i mean the words that describe my style and what i want people to see when they view my art. some of these words are - flowers, bright, saturated colors, eclectic, fabric, vintage and crystal. so there you have it. moving forward, before i begin a new product, i will run them through the brand list and make sure they meet every criteria.

if anyone else has the "i can do this, and this, and this..." mentality, i have added a little freebie to the side bar on the right. it is a 5x7 illustration that you can print and frame or tack on your wall for the constant reminder that we do not need to do it all. in fact, i think our lives are brighter when we do less.

this new found soapbox will however be put on hold until after the holidays because i am in the process of making the sweetest mini christmas trees. you will love them!!! baby steps people, baby steps :)