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make-up and oilcloth

sewingtiffin mills3 Comments

for months now i have wanted to sew a make-up case. the problem was i needed to find a pattern first. i finally found time to wander into that section of jo-anns and found a simplicity pattern that was perfect.

i promptly stitched up this make-up case and a large bag to go along with it. they were both made from my new oilcloth that i purchased from a vendor at the recent country living fair.

it makes me happy that i have graduated to an intermediate sewer with the ability to change patterns to my liking. i made the straps a bit thicker and more sturdy and i added lining to the outside pockets and interior pouch. it seems really strange to me that the pattern did not include lining, but i have learned never to question pattern makers because you will be questioning forever, but that's a whole 'nother post :)

the craziest part was what i found when picking out the lining. i have an old sheet salvaged from an estate sale and it was the perfect compliment to the oilcloth. so perfect that i think the oilcloth was patterned after the sheet print. such a happy coincidence that it all goes so well together!