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lots of water and tlc

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hello friends, i'm back! and i'm rested and full of resolve to slow down a bit and not take things too seriously. i had the most wonderful holiday despite having a house full of sickies. the best part was signing off of the whole online world for close to 3 weeks. 3 weeks - a record for me, for sure. no design work, no blogs, no perezhilton, no to everything. towards the end of the year, i sort of lost sight of all the reasons to love blogs and twitter. i started becoming obsessed with who was having opportunities handed to them that i was working so hard to get myself. a lot of self pity, brought on solely by yours truly. because the thing is, no one was making me read those posts. my little hands were clicking away on the keyboard taking me into these worlds which weren't healthy for me. it is so easy to get caught up in the online world, trying to keep up with some and out do others. i needed the time off to realize that it is all a figment of my imagination. my life isn't inside the computer, it is in my house with my family and friends. as a result of this epiphany, i am rested and back with a lighter blog reader and twitter feed.

moving forward, i am going to be very conscious to only follow blogs that inspire me and make my life richer. blogs that teach me new creative techniques or blogs that invite me in to laugh or cry. i promise you i will follow this path with my own blog as well. i want you to come here and be inspired to start on that specific project you have had lying around for months. or pick up a camera to capture the little things in your life. or discover that you can draw, or make that step into signing up for an art class. the one thing i can count on in my life is that it is full of creativity and that is what i am bringing to you.

on a completely different subject, my most favorite christmas gift this year was a miniature lemon tree. it's live and it can live right inside my studio most months out of the year. i seriously squealed when my husband brought it into the house. i love having a tree sitting right in front of my window. fingers crossed it will actually bear fruit, i'm told the lemons will most likely appear next year. i have the most horrible green thumb and can never keep house plants alive so i am hoping beyond hope that i can change that cycle with this tree.

i promise to give it lots of water and tlc which is a great prescription for myself moving throughout this year as well. hello 2011!