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love quilt and finishing

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remember the quilt that i started way back in may? well it is finished. my love quilt is finished! i don't think i have been so happy with a finished product before. this quilt is composed of anna maria horner fabrics on the front mixed with a screen printed tea-towel i bought during a trip to london last year. i used colored embroidery floss to embellish the black and white tea towel, being especially partial to the solid red heart.

this is the third quilt i have sewn and i definitely think in my case that the third time is a charm. i have so much satisfaction from creating this specific piece, i will be on cloud 9 for weeks. as you can see, it is a very geometric pattern. and i actually prefer this, it is more my style than a traditional quilt made up of triangles.

what i am most proud of is that i hand-quilted the entire piece. it is a bit bigger than a lap quilt, but smaller than a twin bed quilt. i used low-loft batting, sandwiching it between the top of the quilt and a vintage pink sheet which i used for the back. then i started working on the embroidery. there is no consistent stitch, i simply followed the patterns in my fabric. the entire quilting is very free form. while it definitely took much longer than machine quilting, i have to say that this way was much easier.

now it is your turn to finish that project that has been set aside, what are you waiting for?????