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scallops and the wind

sewingtiffin millsComment

so, i have 2 bags of these vintage fabric circles. what to do, what to do?  i immediately started making yo-yo's with them, yo-yo's for days. you know, those tiny scrunched circles generally found on granny knitting purses or couch throws? anyway, i love making them and will continue making them, but my fingers needed a break. so...

as a diversion, i cut out a piece of 20 inch canvas and started randomly arranging some of my circles onto the fabric. i found a pattern i liked, pinned them in place and was so excited to start zig-zig stitching them on my machine. but then i finished, held up my new fabric and ugh! all i could see was a polyester fish windsock. something along the lines of this.

lesson learned: sometimes things turn out different than the picture we see in our head :)

i think i can still salvage this and turn it into a cute circular pillow with a large button in the center. if i am crazy, i might even make more. however, i definitely need to use some quilting spray to flatten out the circles and then iron the heck out of the piece when it is done. as you can tell, this fabric has never seen the underside of an iron. ooh, or maybe this can be turned into my idea of a giant owl pillow. maybe there are more possibilities for this than flying in the wind :)