Linwood Avenue

biltmore and barns

traveltiffin millsComment

i'm back from the biltmore house in asheville, nc. i think this place claims it is the largest house in america and when you see it in person, there is no denying that. it's huge!!! we spent the entire day touring the inside through the main tour and an additional private one. it was exhausting going up and down the 4 flights throughout the day, i cannot imagine being a staff member here :) the place is such an interesting chunk of history, we could not get enough of the clothing on display and the stories that came along with them.

this guy met us at the front door along with his brother. there are no words for the expression his face conveys.

we stayed in a cottage about 15 minutes outside of asheville. this is a barn we passed daily heading in and out of town, i couldn't resist documenting it. doesn't it look like it can come alive at any second and eat you!

and just a bit of advice... if you stay on a mountaintop in asheville and it has rained for a day straight, make sure you have a 4 wheel drive truck in order to make it up 2 miles of mudslides :)