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bingo and an addiction

tiffin mills4 Comments

i think i might have a serious addiction to B.I.N.G.O. yes, bingo :)

as crazy as it sounds, playing bingo has been on my life list for quite some time. every time i mention it, my husband shakes his head and tells me i will never be able to handle the smoke. you see, he was raised going to a bingo hall with his grandmother where cigarette smoke filled the air and you had a hard time seeing above the women's beehives.

i let me dream pass until our small town airport started having bingo every thursday night. and guess what - it is smoke free! the card above is the closest i came to winning the "Crazy T" (a T in any direction). despite the fact that i didn't win anything, i had so much fun. i know, i know, i have a little old lady inside of me waiting to escape :)

the only question that remains is what do these women fill up their dauber purses with and why is it necessary to have 10 daubers at one time???