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felt and roses

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idle hands just don't happen at my house. i simply cannot sit around without my hands crafting something. sometimes it is really, really annoying! my latest project are these trendy felt roses. i have seen them everywhere and once i learned how to make them, i knew why. they are so easy!

you can find instructions all over the internet, but for a quick tutorial, all you do is start with a 2 - 3 inch circle of felt. then you cut a spiral into the felt, just going around and around in a circle until you reach the center. starting with the outer end, begin curling towards the center. when you finish, you have a small circle of felt that can be glued to the back to hold everything into place. i then took brightly colored head pins and stuck them through the center. best of all is it's a great way to use up all those felt scraps you have lying around the house.