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petals and thread

embroidery, flowertiffin mills2 Comments

lately, my fingers have been itching to do some embroidering and i have been more than happy to oblige.

remember this piece i did for the postcard swap i participated in last november? i still really love this image and since i sent the first piece off, i decided to make one for myself. only this fabric is much larger at 8 x 8. i have some old wooden embroidery hoops lying around from an impulse purchase which i am using to stabilize the fabric. when this is finished, i think i will leave it in the frame and maybe stamp a sweet word or two on the side of the wooden hoop. i pretty much wing the embroidery by using whatever colors i have in my stash and alternating the direction of my stitches to create more movement in the finished product.

i am so ready for spring to come so i can photograph more flower vignettes to embroider. maybe i will end up with a trio of embroidered garden scenes on my wall!