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art and journals

drawingtiffin mills1 Comment

i have a confession to make - i am addicted to buying journals. the problem with this addiction is that they rarely end up as an art filled, thought filled thing of beauty. they usually end up as a to do list, scribble filled mess.

another confession is that i never write on the first page of a journal. crazy, right? i always have such angst about what should go there because i believe it sets the tone for the whole book. should it be an image, a few lines of thoughts - such pressure! so i just leave it blank and then the book can be filled with whatever i want.

however, i am pretty excited about my new journal. it is the one where i am going to break my habitual cycle of thinking too much about what goes on the pages. the best part about it is the pages are really thick and shouldn't have any show through. because, let's face it, what is worse than a journal where your ink hemorrhages through to the crisp white of the next page?

are you a journaler? do you plot out your journal before you start? or is it a whimsical sliver of your life? i need direction folks!