Linwood Avenue and possibility

businesstiffin mills2 Comments
last may, i posted about my goals for the future, my goals for linwood avenue. something made me revisit those goals today and i am happy to say that a lot of them have been accomplished! take for example, the above screen grab from from earlier this week. why yes, that is my photo, right there front and center on a website i love. a website which i have a hunch, a LOT of others love as well. seeing my readers share article posted for all to read was so crazy! it proves that all it takes are tiny steps like pushing the send button on an email and voila, another goal can be checked off the list.

but the thing is, do i really believe it is that easy? no, i don't. there are many hours going back and forth deciding if you have the courage to submit an article. trying to boost yourself up that you do in fact have something to say. talking yourself out of the fact that you think you will appear silly. but the truth is, all those things are made up and once you push that send button, all is forgotten and excitement in possibility simply takes over.

i try to remind myself of something i heard a while ago "you can't win the lottery unless you buy a ticket". i don't know who came up with that phrase, but it is pretty smart advice :)