Linwood Avenue

estate sales and loot

thriftingtiffin millsComment is my new love, no more searching the paper for sales. instead, i get a customized list delivered to my inbox every friday showcasing all the sales in my area. something about the sale i went to last week spoke to me. i poured over the preview photos and mapped out my plan of attack because there were so many items i wanted. there was an amazing blue glass set of dishes, but when i showed up, the $60 price tag was waaaaay too expensive. never fear, i managed to find a lot of other goodies to fill my basket.

i scored 2 pairs of lamps, that are going to be gorgeous when i fix them up. a deviled egg tray also came home with me because, well, i go weak in the knees for deviled eggs! i also found a bunch of old buttons and thread spools and last but not least, a beautiful teal candy dish perfect for easter. never mind the fact that it is currently holding my last bag of candy corn that was stashed away last october :)