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a find and fabric

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you know how much i love milkglass and vintage fabric, right? well last weekend i was able to combine the two and couldn't have been happier.

saturday morning, i set out to meet a friend for a day of strolling antique shops. of course, i had to leave 2 hours early so i could hit all the yard/estate sales in the virginia highlands neighborhood in atlanta. i found this unique wooden piece at the last sale i went to and for some reason, i couldn't leave it. my house is pretty much furnished and i really had nowhere to put it, but as i said, i couldn't leave it. when i asked the home owner how much she wanted for it, she was all "oh, i just love this piece", "it is a really old antique", "i hate to part with it", "i was hoping to get $15 for it" - WHAT??? seriously, $15 for a custom wall shelf that is 5 feet long, are you kidding me, i definitely couldn't leave it then!

so down the backseats of my car went and in slid this baby. i should stop here and say that usually when i buy projects like this one, they sit in my garage for a few months while i think really hard on what i want to do with them. not this piece. the next day i immediately got out the saw horses, propped the shelf up and started to paint. the wood was never painted or stained, so getting the white paint on was a breeze. for those interested, i have a love affair with glidden antique white, it is my go to paint color. next came the fun part - i pulled out some sunny fabric and lined the back of the shelves. all it took was a ruler, scissors and a lot of super 77 spray glue (another go to item for me). the yellow polka dot is a new fabric while the blue and yellow floral prints were cut from old sheets.

this piece now hangs above the desk in my office. it fits in between my computer and crazy blue lamp perfectly! the best part is i can now show off my mikglass finds. they are perfect for holding pens, paint brushes, any office odds and ends.

this display even makes scissors look like art, right???