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highs and lows

businesstiffin mills4 Comments

hi all! first off, let me start by saying i am overwhelmed with the cool things that have been happening to me lately and overwhelmed with all your lovely comments/emails. like being on design*sponge yesterday??? seriously, i could not believe it. i may or may not have even planned to meet up with my girl friends for a round of margaritas in celebration (more on that later... :)

besides the fact that it opened up my tiny little online home to the whole wide world, for me, it is more about validation. everyone wants that pat on the back when they do something right, and for us as bloggers, being featured is our online equivalent of that. the before and after editor over there, kate, was so nice and friendly, i had to ask myself why i hadn't submitted projects earlier. and the answer to that question is the same little devil on my shoulders i wrote about earlier in the week saying that my photos aren't quality enough, my projects aren't desirable enough. but really, if i love the pics and if i love the projects, wouldn't other people? this is the second time in a week that i have proven that little devil wrong and actually achieved something i set out to do. so really, mr. devil, you can pack your bags and leave.

the funny thing is that right before i was notified of the feature, i received a very frustrating business email where i felt extremely wronged and it left me stewing for the better part of wednesday morning. you see for every high, there has to be a low and people are lying if they say there doesn't.

so just like that: low, high, low, high, one step forward, one step back. the roller coaster ride of being an artist seeking acceptance. i'm just glad you all stick around through my failures and successes!