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little alouette and a little love

businesstiffin mills1 Comment

have you guys seen little alouette's natural wooden teethers and play sets? they really are the cutest, smoothest, sweetest things for your wee one, ever!

my day job as a freelance graphic designer typically consists of fairly constricting corporate work. however, once in a while a super fun project comes along to make everything worth it. i met amy, the mama over at little alouette, in college more years back than i care to say. through the blog world, we reconnected and since then i have helped her with design work. part of her goal for 2011 was to step up her package design and i jumped at the chance to help. she wanted her toys to be boxed up so they would look pretty on shelves in the boutiques that carry her line. i created the box shape from scratch and it includes a nifty self closure when the top flap is folded down. to help her with affordable printing, i designed one large main label that is placed on every box. then we printed small circular labels with illustrations of her toys that are traded out depending on which toy is in the box.

i also absolutely love the little peek hole on the back of the box which allows the customer to feel the smooth toy inside.

there is nothing better then when my graphic design job and my crafting business get to merge together. makes going to work super enjoyable!!!