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chandeliers and a collective decision

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a few months back, i took a poll on what color my next chandelier should be. the result? you guessed it - gray.

on a side note, i never know if gray is spelled "grey" or "gray". it gets me every time :)

anyways, there is something i absolutely LOVE about the understated grandness of this piece. it is crazy heavy and sports 5 full sized bulb sockets, not the standard flame bulb sized ones. what does this mean? maximum light, like twice as much of a normal chandelier.

this specific fixture was scored for me by an ohio friend. she found it at a yard sale and thought it would be perfect for me which i definitely can't argue with. we vacation together every other year, so i picked it up from her in north carolina this past summer and back to atlanta it came. in it's original form, it had crazy chains flowing off the center column. but the really strange part were the huge railroad sized nails that were attached to the chain. i immediately removed the crazy embellishments (after researching the piece to make sure it wasn't a valuable one of a kind), painted it and love the transformation.

i have not ever listed chandeliers in the shop because i know the shipping cost will be through the roof, but i might make an exception for this fixture. i really, really want it to find the perfect home.