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festivals and favorites

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my favorite festival of the year is coming up... the dunwoody art festival in atlanta, georgia. in the past, festivals were always iffy sales for me. i would get lots of love, but few purchases. sometimes i think it is easier for jewelry artists at shows because someone can always add another necklace to their collection. but lamps, shades??? you really need to have a specific spot for one of those. anyhow, that all changed when i set up in dunwoody last year. i had a record 2 days and really felt like i found my customer niche. i have tons of new products this year and even some new spring yellow tablecloths that i whipped up last week, so fingers crossed that i will have another great weekend.

if you are in the atlanta area, you can go here for time and directions. and if you are hoping to see me again, my booth has been changed to an undisclosed location (a bit frustrating), but i will be there, i promise!