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festivalstiffin mills3 Comments

my big festival weekend has come and gone and i am pooped! but i did want to stop by and show you all what i was up to. it is stressful work prepping and getting set up for a festival, but once the crowds trickle in, you can't help getting swept up in the fun of it all.

first i would like to introduce you to scarlet. you have seen my assistant before, but not all dressed up in her sunday best. i found the crinoline during a yard sale shopping spree on friday and fell in love instantly. let me tell you, she was the hit of the weekend, especially with the little girls. one sweetie in particular gave her a huge bear huge while begging her daddy to buy it for her. priceless!

looking in, this is the back wall of the tent complete with prints, bookmarks and my felt wares. a favorite part of my booth are the pricing signs which are old barrister cabinet doors. i learned early on that it was a pain in the behind to individually price items, so i devised a chalkboard sign reminiscent of turn of the century shop signage.

another piece you have seen before, but this time, my blue bookcase was revitalized with new LA branding. i designed a banner, had it printed/laminated at the local office supply shop, and with a little double stick tape, it turned into a perfect display.

finally here is a shot of how i displayed my new framed canvases. old wooden screen doors lined with hardware cloth, then zip tied to the tent frame. i was most happy about all the love i received on these new pieces. really, warm the heart, huge smile on my face kind of love. two of them will now reside in the room of a brand new baby girl. perfect!!!