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wows and double wows

traveltiffin millsComment

wow, that was a very long and very unexpected blog break. really a break from everything online :) but i'm back now, back for regularly scheduled postings!

some things i have been up to:
  • having a quick out patient surgery that was supposed to be one day of recovery, but completely knocked me out for 13 days. WOW - completely unprepared for that!
  • trying to keep my house in order during this very crazy month of may. why is it that things are always so hectic surround the start of summer break???
  • escaping for a one night get away to celebrate 10 years of marriage. double wow - it really does go so fast :) we had the most amazing anniversary dinner sitting in adirondack chairs at the edge of a lake with our own personal butler (for lack of better word) and a very warm and cozy chiminea.

some things on my to-do list:
  • relish my last 4 days of peace and quiet before the munchins invade full time for 9 weeks of summer break
  • finish this sweet sampler that i started a few weeks back
  • write up my 2nd tutorial for the mayarts challenge i have been participating in. i can't wait to show you all what i have dreamed up.
  • start on this vintage sheet wreath. absolutely love, love!!!

that's about all the goings on around here. just so happy that i am back on my feet again and daydreaming about the start of swim season!