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sweets and summer

tiffin millsComment

summer has officially begun in my household. the little munchkins of georgia got out of school this past friday (some even the friday before) and we immediately went into celebration mode with pool parties galore. i love making my munchkins an end of school treat, but with my littlest being gluten-free, my dessert recipe list has severely thinned down. this year i went with a quick and simple gluten-free cupcake and all were happy!

after a few parties, we headed out to our friends house on lake martin in alabama. i have been spending summer weekends here for the past 10 years and absolutely love it. when i was packing this time around, i was looking for a craft to take, but suddenly decided against it. may was such in insane month that i really needed to take a few days to do absolutely nothing. and absolutely nothing is what i did!