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alignment and perfection

sewingtiffin mills2 Comments

i feel like i have been less than perfect in every aspect of my life this summer. i just can't get the days to evolve the way i would like. ugh! i really have to practice the art of letting go. i am trying, really trying to not take everything that happens to heart, but somehow i always do. and the result? i am in a serious funk. double ugh!

thank goodness i have found a few precious moments to create. and thank goodness for the small joy of perfect alignment. the shot above is the start to my dining room tabletop quilt. the fact that i managed to get all 8 pie pieces to match up in the center is pure perfection! hopefully this is a sign of good things to come.

how is your summer moving along, are you in a rut, or have you been able to accomplish all your goals? if so, tell me your secrets - pretty please???