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love and hearts

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remember my post about paperclay? it was my first attempt with this product, so a lot of experimenting went on. i made 2 flowers that i was happy with and i finally found time to paint them. again, there was some experimenting with the paint as well. i only had a few bottles of really old acrylic in the house, so i was limited with the color, but all in all, i am pretty happy. at the very least - these pieces make me smile when i look at them, so i guess that means they are a success, right?

for each of the flowers, i watered down red acrylic and applied the color in a couple of coats to get a nice depth. when i finished painting them, i gave each piece a couple passes with triple thick spray glaze. right after i sprayed the glaze, i sprinkled fine glitter onto the flowers which made all the difference. even though the painting is super messy, i think they turned out really whimsical!

the "love" flower hangs from a metal safety pin which was put into place while the clay was wet. for the heart flower, i inserted a fabric covered wire into the back when i was making it. i just made sure to hook the end of the wire into a "U" shape so it won't pull out once dry. then i rummaged into my metal cabinet filled with crafting odds and ends and found these vintage leaves and berry that i used as accents.

next up is a trip to the store for more paint. that way when i make more flowers, i can have a multicolored garden when i am finished!