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sunshine and school

tiffin millsComment

my munchkins just arrived home from school and they couldn't contain their excitement of the first day back. i know, i know, here in the south we start school really early. but remember that we get out early also. it is sometimes a little hard to grasp that the kids have to go back while there is still a month of prime pool weather!

at least for my household, the arrival of school is very welcome. while i love being able to spend time with them over the summer, i like spending time with myself as well and often that has to take the back burner. i feel guilty if i am not entertaining them throughout the day and most of the time, i can't. that's just a fact of life with a working mom, albeit, one who is blessed to work from home. so, with the arrival of school and routine, i breath a tiny sigh of relief. relief that i can balance and manage what i have to do during the day while they are learning and then i can be available at night for homework and dinner.

so for me, back to school is a time for finishing projects that have been lingering. i need to put up some crown moulding in the dining room, work on new items for the shop, scan in some new botanical drawings, etc.... oh, and also work on some graphic design projects for my day job - can't forget what pays the bills!