Linwood Avenue

thrifting and treasures

thriftingtiffin mills3 Comments

the estate sales this past month have been good to me, very good to me. i typically don't find much in my community at garage or estate sales because the houses are just not that old and people have not spent many years accumulating "junk". however, i might need to rethink that after the stash i found last week.

this one house was amazing! i only wish i would have gotten there right when the doors opened. this woman had enough christmas items to fill up an entire room and i snagged a huge box of vintage ornaments. don't you just love the metallic crackling of color that comes with vintage ball ornaments?

this sweet bird also came in the box of ornaments. her tail was broken off and is actually stuck inside her body, but i don't care at all. i might leave her as is, or try to create a new tail out of some vintage ribbon.

i can never pass up these old jello molds. while i have christmas on the brain, i might turn them into some wreath inspired ornaments. time will tell...

and finally, how cool is this old wheelbarrow??? alright, maybe not everyone thinks it is cool, but i think it is AMAZING! the color, the shape, the huge wheels - amazing. we are working on spiffing up our backyard, and i think this will be perfect as a flower planter. so excited and inspired!