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time and lists

tiffin mills1 Comment

are you guys waiting for school to start so you can begin crossing things off your list? my week and a half of quiet days has helped tremendously. i feel like i can see the light!!!

in between my stressing over to-dos, i periodically wonder how we got ourselves into this mess. how did we become a society where to-do lists are mandatory to get ourselves through the day. i tell my husband all the time that i want one day with no lists looming. jsut a day filled with bright prospects of the unknown.

not sure if it was in "before sunset" or "before sunrise" but ethan hawke has an awesome line about all the time saving tools in our present day such as computers and email, etc. but the funny part about it is that we never take an extra vacation or time off. we never say "look at all the time saved by doing xy and z". funny, huh???