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art and soul, part three

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i was completely blown away by the flowers i saw in portland. i guess all that rain does something good! although i must say that in the 6 days i was there, i did not feel one drop of rain :) believe it or not, all these pics were taken in one grocery store. i was a huge dork and took over 60 images of all the flowers they had for sale - these are just the tip of the iceberg

the colors, the different varieties of peonies, the crazy plate sized flowers i had never seen before, all blew me away. if i lived there, i would forever have a pencil in my hand sketching everything i saw. and would probably only leave the house to go buy more inspiration!

this wraps up my trip to art and soul portland. it was truly such a fun experience. i am so excited to check this off of my list and i dare say i am hooked on art retreats. although next time i go back, i am hoping to do it as an instructor.