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art and soul, part two

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on thursday, jenni and i were both free, so we used it as a day to explore portland. we rented a car and it was super easy to get around. believe it or not, we tackled much of the city and only clocked 30 miles on our rental car - crazy.

i loved taking random closeups throughout the day and i couldn't resist this bike. the rusty wear is perfect! i already have plans for this shot in a new piece of artwork that is floating around my head.


we started at the beginning of hawthorne street and went into this store first. you all know how i feel about the revival of swags - love it!!! if i didn't already have a bunch, a special little purple swag would have come home with me in my carry on. and the prices, holy cow, the prices in this city are so reasonable!

i have no idea what this place is, but the outside deserved a photo. this was taken jsut before a random sighting of a powell's bookstore. i'm sure jenni though me a bit crazy with my desire to go in, but i have read about this store for so long on my favorite blogs, that i had to.

the rest of this post is about food, oh the food. i knew portland had a ton of street vendors and i made it my personal mission to find some. how cute is this picnic table set up. i would have loved to have seen it at night with the lights lit.

we started with some poutine (which i thought only existed in quebec, silly me) and then out main course was this delicious fennel and sausage pizza. thank goodness jenni and i have the same taste in food and were able to share our meals or else i would have come home 10 pounds heavier.

finally, this peanut butter cake was the most amazing dessert ever! on friday night, we snuck into town for the best dinner and dessert at this restaurant. it was on 23rd street, but looking at their site, not sure if that is the east side or west side location. i split a fancy sandwich for dinner so i could devour this entire cake. so unexpectedly light and so, so, so good!