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hearing and listening

canvastiffin mills4 Comments

do you all know about The Brave Girls Club daily emails? i absolutely love them and i know you will too. if you sign up, you get a daily inspirational email telling you various words of wisdom that you have probably needed at one point or another in your life. just a quick little read to set your day off on the right foot.

in each email, they share a birdie art piece from submissions they receive. last thursday, i was lucky enough to have this new canvas featured. so exciting! the more and more i travel down this art path, i am reminded that all it takes to get your work out there is to put it out there. simple enough, right? so why is it so hard to take the first step and write the first inquiry letter, the first submission letter?

if you have an email or a request for submission that you have been holding on to and have been hesitant to hit the send button, please, please just do it. push that button and send your dreams out into the universe. chances are you will be pleasantly surprised about what you receive back.