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bowls and dips

thriftingtiffin mills1 Comment
i hit a few estate sales last friday and walked away a bit disappointed. not much left by the time i got there, but when you go on the second day, that is the risk you are taking. the one thing i did find is the yellow chip and dip bowl pictured above. about a year ago, me and a couple of my friends were at a sale that had a few of these. one friend took one home, and i always regretted that i didn't buy the second one. then a few months ago, i found the white one in the background of the picture and was thrilled. no more non-buyers remorse :) when i saw the smaller one on friday, i had to add it to my collection!

these bowls feature a large bowl for chips/bread and then a metal piece that sits around the rim which holds a smaller bowl for dips. it was such a great invention and i don't know why people aren't reproducing them (at least i haven't seen any). maybe i am the only kooky person who thinks these are cool :)